Zegnautus Keep – Final Fantasy XV Guide

Zegnautus Keep – Final Fantasy XV Guide

In Final Fantasy XV, Zegnautus Keep is the third major quest of Chapter 13: Redemption. In this mission, Noctis suffers a slight detour, but with the discovery

Final Fantasy XV [PS4] Playthrough #088, Zegnautus Keep: A King’s Struggle

This is video #088 in my playthrough of Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4. This video does not contain commentary. To view the commentary version, click here: https://youtu.be/SeYOurjWLbQ

Final Fantasy XV [PS4] (No Commentary) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIZ8kn0xML26ohhcscoSy_PeQMFump8Yj

Final Fantasy XV [PS4] (Commentary) Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIZ8kn0xML24NtKSUyLYC2h5Q_pkj4eD9

Previously, as Chapter 12 ended, Noctis obtained the favor of Shiva, the Glacian, during “Breath of the Glacian”. Then, as Chapter 13 began, the party had a rough arrival in the Imperial capital, Gralea, during “The Imperial Capital”. Noctis found himself separated from his companions. As “A King’s Struggle” began, he found the elevator from Gralea up to Zegnautus Keep. Now, he will continue exploring Zegnautus.

Noctis resumes in the dormitory on the first floor of Zegnautus.

West of the dormitory, he finds a locked door (time 1:39). He will need to find a key to open it.

To the east and then north, Noctis finds the Security Card lying on an empty uniform (time 2:08). It starts out at security level 1.

Noctis proceeds west to a central shaft. There is a level 3 security lock leading west out of the central shaft.

Noctis goes south from the central shaft. In the first room to the east, he finds a Megalixir (time 4:26).

Before long, Noctis thinks that he has seen an old friend. Look out for grabby MTs.

When the route turns west, Noctis goes into the room to the south and finds a Shattered Timepiece (time 5:46).

If he turns north, he can find another dormitory and a level 2 door.

In the southwest room, Noctis finds a keycard encoder (time 7:35). It raises his card’s security clearance to level 2.

North of this room, Noctis opens the level 2 door and goes upstairs (time 8:15). He reaches four level 3 doors that he cannot open yet.

To the south at the next intersection, he finds a door that he cannot open yet (time 9:07). He will have to go another way to rescue his friend.

Noctis goes east. At the next intersection, he finds a Flesh Fortifier in the alcove to the north (time 9:20).

In the room to the south, he finds a Hi-Elixir (time 9:41). He also finds a crawlway leading to the room to the west. He must defeat an Uttu, a large spider.

Through another crawlway, Noctis approaches his friend (time 12:05). Or not. Ardyn has been fooling with him.

However, Noctis finds another keycard encoder nearby (time 12:26). It raises his card’s security clearance to level 3. Noctis can also open the door from this side.

Exploring the four rooms to the north, Noctis finds a Mythril Shaft in the southeast room (time 13:15).

In the northwest room, he finds a Magnetron (time 13:53). This is needed to upgrade the Noiseblaster for “A Better Noiseblaster”.

In the northeast room among the four rooms, he finds a Debased Banknote (time 14:21).

East and then north from the cell, Noctis finds a room with a Magitek Core (time 14:58). In the same room, he also finds a Superior Restorative.

Noctis backtracks downstairs (time 15:49).

Back at the central shaft, he uses his upgraded keycard to go west through the level 3 door.

He takes the western elevator upstairs (time 17:53). On the new floor, he is prompted to take the central elevator.

Along the northwest spoke from the central shaft, he finds a Muscle Stimulant (time 18:37).

Along the northeast spoke, he finds a power grid station for the central elevator (time 18:59). However, he needs another keycard to activate it.

Along the southeast spoke, he finds a Laser Sensor (time 19:25).

Before heading east to the launch bay, Noctis sees a massive sentinel waiting (time 20:21). This is a Gargantua. Noctis can take it out with Alterna. However, it will keep coming back.

Behind a machine north of the entrance, Noctis finds a Reflex Enhancer (time 22:33).

To the east, Noctis can find a path leading down to the lower deck. The lower deck is a maze of crates and equipment. Up a stairway just to the west, he finds a Dynamo (time 24:41).

In the northeast of the lower deck, Noctis finds a Flesh Fortifier (time 25:49).

In the south of the lower deck, he finds a Chrome Bit among some crates accessible from the southern corridor (time 28:28).

In the southeast, he finds a Hi-Elixir accessible from the southern corridor (time 28:52).

From the eastern corridor, he finds a Tempered Shield in the southeast corridor (time 29:18).

In the northeast, Noctis finds a stairway leading upstairs. On a crate near some control panels, he finds a datalog entry, “Research Log: M.E. 746-VII-29th” (time 30:17).

A little west of there in the north-center, he finds a Muscle Stimulant (time 31:04). There is a letter nearby that he can take back to the lower deck.

The description is continued in the comments.

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