Kapture The Kappa – Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide

Kapture The Kappa – Yakuza: Like a Dragon Guide

This is arguably the most important Part Time Hero quest in the whole game, as it comes with a 2 million yen reward. Since Chapter 12 requires you to raise 3

Yakuza – Like a Dragon: Food for Thought (Trophy Guide)

Game: Yakuza – Like a Dragon (PS4 Pro)
Trophy: Food for Thought (Viewed more than 20 Table Talk scenes)

Table Talk scenes are the talking-head dialogue bits that can appear when
you eat at restaurants. Order certain items depending on who you have in your team. These scenes only appear at the restaurants in Ijincho.
You can view the number of Table Talk scenes you have seen under Challenge-Adventure in Part-time Hero.

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That One Trophy In Yakuza: Like A Dragon That Nearly Broke Me

Welcome to our new show “That One Thing” where a member of the Access team shares the story of one single element of a game they found particularly challenging or emotional. To start us off, Rosie will be telling us the of That One Trophy which nearly prevented her getting the platinum in Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Let us know what you think of the show in the comments!

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Yakuza Like A Dragon How To Dodge And Perfect Block 100% Of The Time

This video covers a new method that I discovered which allows for one to Dodge and Perfect Block 100% of the time. By following the strategy that I talk about in the video, you could potentially go through the game and take almost zero damage. If you want to reduce and potentially nullify the damage you are taking in Yakuza Like A Dragon (YLAD), then this video is right for you!
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The True Meaning of All of The Stats in YLAD:

EASY Management Guide – Unlock Eri & Make Millions! | Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Struggling with the business management mini-game? Well then this is the guide for you! I will show you how to make it as effortless as possible so you can start raking in the cash, unlock / recruit optional character Eri, and all of the special combat abilities along the way such as the Satellite Laser.

(0:00) Intro
(1:19) Setup + Rank 151-100
(4:50) Rank 100-50
(5:47) Rank 50-20
(6:33) Investor/Shareholder Meetings
(8:26) Rank 151-20 Investor/Shareholder Meetings
(9:01) General Tips

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