Death – Persona 5 Guide

Death – Persona 5 Guide

The Death arcana is the thirteenth (XIII) tarot arcana and can be unlocked during the first month of the game. The confidant of the Death social link is Tae

[Persona 5] Tae Takemi Rank 10/Non Romance (Death Confidant) Guide

Persona 5 Royal – The Death of Shadow Kamoshida

Persona 5 Royal – The Death of Shadow Kamoshida


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[Persona 5] Tae Takemi Memento Request (Death Confidant) Guide

PERSONA 5 ROYAL (23/24) – SHIDO BOSS Merciless EASY guide

Here is a detailed boss guide on how to EASILY defeat Shido on Merciless difficulty provided with commentary (Shido Palace Boss fight).

Don’t worry too much if you fail as you can retry on any difficulty. Good luck and hope this helps 😉

1. Fuse with the trait Demon’s Bite and skills;
– Regenerate 1.
– Regenerate 2.
– Regenerate 3.
– Firm Stance.
– Insta-Heal.
– Repel Bless.
– Repel Curse.
2. To fuse Girimehkala, use the path;
– Ongyo-Ki + Sandalphon = Cybele.
– Cybele + Arsene = Girimehkala.
– This path will allow you to transfer most the skills needed, fusing during fusion alarms will let you
carry more skills.
3. To get the required Trait and Skills;
– Demon’s Bite trait – This will carry from Ongyo-Ki.
– Insta-Heal/Firm Stance/Regenerate 3 – Carry from Ongyo-Ki once learnt (93).
– Regenerate 1/Regenerate 2 – Itemise Rakshasa and Koumokuten.
– Repel Bless – Itemise Raphael during a fusion alarm.
– Repel Curse – Carry from Sandalphon once learnt (78).
4. Be sure you equip the CAPTAIN’S BADGE accessory when using the build above, or the RING OF
VITALITY from the accessory store in the Underground Mall (+30% hp).

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